When you are unable to physically attend Sunday services, there are several ways your tithes and offerings can be sent to the church:

Mail Preferred Giving Method

You can mail your tithes and offerings via the postal system to:

South Church
5250 Cornerstone Dr.
Lansing, MI 48917

Bank Auto-Check Writing System Preferred Giving Method

Some banks offer this means for check writing. Checks are requested by the customer and then auto-mailed by the bank with the check still being sent to the same address above. Typically, no service fee is charged.

Online Giving

South Church has partnered with PNC’s Payer Express to facilitate online giving. Simply follow the link and you can set up regular donations or give a one-time gift.
Please note: In order to maintain the highest level of information security, you may be asked to use a Web browser that supports TLS 1.2

Missionary Christmas Gift

In lieu of a Missions Conference Project, all offerings specifically marked “Missions” during the months of October, November, and December will go to our missionaries for Missionary Christmas.