Visual Arts

Art is always communicating something, whether intentional or not. It is not merely a-moral, as we sometimes treat it. Since Christ is to be Lord of the whole man, all our abilities and activities should be submitted under His lordship. We should treat art the same way by placing it under God’s authority.

Since art does communicate our worldview, artists must be aware of what they are saying through their art. An artist in the secular world may create his works to express himself or showcase his talents. However, a Christ-follower has the opportunity to glorify God by not only emulating a fraction of the creativity of a Supremely creative God, but to go a step further and communicate God’s truths intentionally.

When looking at the works of a Christian artist, we should see God’s truths permeating throughout. The artist’s worldview should shine through, augmenting their testimony as a follower of Christ. That is an invaluable way to witness to our neighbors in the world with the aim to make disciples of all nations, as we are all called to do.

Why should South Church encourage visual arts?

  1. To disciple, train and shepherd our artists to emulate God’s creativity for the purpose of making much of Him.
  2. To encourage artists to purposefully convey a Christian worldview through the breadth of their work over the course of their lifetime, placing their gifts and talents under the lordship of Christ.
  3. To facilitate an environment for South Church artists to interact over common interest so they can spur one another on toward higher pursuits of their craft.
  4. To enjoy God and glorify Him forever.

Open Portfolio Night Photos

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