Special Events

Women’s Conference – Saturday, May 7th, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Get ready for a high-energy, virtual experience that will deepen your personal relationship with Jesus while nurturing the bonds with the women at your side.

At this one-day conference, we’ll explore Pursuing Christ Together in Grace! We’ll look at what it means to receive and give grace, worship the heavenly Father who has lavished grace upon us, and study what Scripture says about our gracious Savior.

Teachers: Jen Wilkin; Jennifer Rothschild; Kelly Minter; Jackie Hill Perry, Jada Edwards and Kristi McLelland and others, with the Wildfire Collective providing music.

There will be a book table at this event with discounts up to 50% (payment cash/check).

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. Cost: $15 includes a full day of teaching, lunch, snacks and journal* (*while supplies last).

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