About Bible Studies

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We were made for community

We were never meant to figure out the Christian life on our own. God made us to be in communion with Him and with other believers. That’s why we have small groups.

All over MSU, LCC, and homes in the Lansing area, groups of 6-12 people meet to learn, encourage, and change together. These small groups are a chance to learn more about who God is (growing in relationship with Him) and get connected with local believers (growing in relationships with people).

These groups are a mix of believers and seekers and everyone is always welcome. We believe that small groups create an atmosphere of transparency and transformation that are critical for helping us (as a community) live an abundant life.

Please feel free to join us for one of these small groups. Even if you’re not ready to make that step, please get in touch with us and we can meet up for coffee, lunch, or a trip to Meijer. We would love nothing more than to talk with you and help you in your spiritual journey.