Equippers’ Spring Break

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Page last updated: 12/16/2021

Spring Break 2020
Hammocking on the Park Day
Universal Crew on the Free Day
Baptisms at Cocoa Beach
Goodbye snow. Hello sun!

Make spring break count and join us for this week-long trip to Florida! This is a great opportunity for adventure, outreach, and personal growth. There is also plenty of time for relaxing by the pool, hitting the beach, and getting to know some great friends. And most importantly, you’ll have the chance to explore what a personal relationship with Christ is and how to grow in one! We encourage you to invite your friends!

When: March 4, 2022 – March 12, 2022
Where: Fantasy World Resort in Kissimmee, FL (just outside of Orlando)
Cost: $450 (if your $150 deposit is turned in by Monday, January 31)

What is a typical day like?

  • Personal time in Scripture with God
  • Breakfast
  • Small group discussions with you condo
  • Activity for the Day (Including beach days, a picnic in the park day, and a free day to kayak or go to an amusement park)
  • Dinner
  • Large group fellowship (Music team leading us in song and a message from our guest speaker)
  • Free time

What do I need to pack?

For the van/bus ride down:
  • Snacks to eat/share (Don’t be that guy who doesn’t share his snacks.)
  • Contact solution/glasses (If you are a contact wearer, be sure to bring your contact solution and/or glasses on the bus; we don’t want any angry eyes!)
  • Pillow/blanket (While the person sitting next to you will probably love you laying on them, studies have shown that the human body is a highly inadequate sleeping device.)
  • Entertainment materials (Bring something to keep you and the people around you occupied!)
  • Money (We will be stopping at gas stations and you will want to buy flaming hot cheetos. It’s a fact.)
  • Light toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste)
  • Bible/pen (So you can get crackin’ on that small group material early!)

For Florida:
  • Swim suit (GUYS – swim trunks; GIRLS – tankinis or one piece)
  • Beach towel (the condos have shower towels)
  • Clothes for sports
  • Money ($25 for groceries; money for food while traveling)
  • Bible
  • Sunshades
  • Sunscreen (because a burnt spring breaker is a sad spring breaker)
  • Notebook/pen
  • Cards/games
  • Toiletries
  • Good attitude/heart filled with anticipation
*The condos have washing machines so don’t feel like you need to bring your entire closet with you.

To leave at home:
  • Snow gear
  • Cynical attitude
  • Debbie downer comments
  • SpeedNos