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​Personal Relationships – The Heartbeat of Our Ministry

Cutting Edge Ministry is the college ministry of South Church in Lansing, MI. We focus primarily on the campuses of Michigan State University and Lansing Community College. Our aim as a ministry is to build friendships with people around us, whether it is in class, at work, through sports, or around campus, in the hopes that we may share our lives with these friends and direct them toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This personal relationship with Jesus Christ has significantly changed our lives, and it is our joy to tell anyone who might be interested about what God has done.

Significant events in our academic year include: Welcome Week (meeting and welcoming students to the Lansing area), Fall Retreat, Equippers (Sunday night classes designed to help equip you in your walk with God), Spring Break in Florida, bonfires, and theme party nights, not to mention biweekly Fellowship Nights on MSU’s campus, weekly Bible studies all around MSU’s campus and off-campus, and Friday activities like Combo Nights (a night of sports, games, crafts, and snacks). If you have any questions or would like to check something out, please don’t hesitate to call any of the numbers listed under Connect with Us or elsewhere on the site!