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Passion for Christ, Compassion for Others

God’s grand design for all of creation— an orientation toward God, that we might all worship Him with one heart and voice. As Christians, it is important that we take responsibility for helping other Christians live out their faith and persevere in the Christian life. Each born-again Christian has received gifts from the Holy Spirit that are meant to serve others in the church and build up the body of Christ.


Our goal is to glorify the God of Heaven by making disciples on earth. Corporate worship services are opportunities for the church body to respond to God for all He has done, by experiencing the historical and modern expression of the arts in worship, with the goal that everyone present can experience the presence of God. The sermons are delivered live and are virtually the same from service to service. Regardless of age and people’s personal preference, we wish for all those in attendance at South to respond in praise, adoration, confession, and thanksgiving to the God of the universe. The music, Scripture readings, and other service elements are typically integrated around the sermon theme.

Balanced Service

(Sunday 9:30 am – Worship Center)

These services have a formal setting with pew-style seating and greater levels of light for the congregation. The balanced services are led by the South Choir, Vocal Teams, band and/or the orchestra using a blend of traditional hymnody, meaningful praise and worship songs, and selections by classical and sacred composers.

Morning Service Archives

Creative Service

(Sunday 11:00 am – Chapel)

Service elements in this service are less formal and are programmed to be free-flowing with lower levels of light on the congregation. The music is predominantly guitar-driven and contemporary. The creative service music is led by the worship team putting modern instrumentation to worship songs and traditional hymns.

Morning Service Archives

Evening Service

(Sunday 6:00 pm – Chapel)

This service is very simple and traditional, singing predominantly hymns and almost always accompanied by the piano only. The teaching often extrapolates on what was taught on that Sunday morning. Occasionally the message is presented by a special guest or missionary speaking on a special topic of interest.

Evening Service Archives
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Attend a Community
Our adult classes meet during both hours of Worship. We invite you to find the group most comfortable for you. Everyone is welcome!

Join a Growth Group
All throughout the week there are various small groups of people that get together for friendship, study, and prayer. Find a group that meets near you.

Join a Men’s Bible Study
All throughout the week there are various small groups of men that get together for friendship, study, and prayer. Plug in.

Join a Women’s Bible Study
All throughout the week there are various small groups of women that get together for friendship, study, and prayer. Come be a part of one of these groups.

If you have any questions on how to be better connected here at South, please contact Kelly Sites, our Connections Director.


We give thanks to God for the various gifts He has given us through the Spirit and for those who are using them in the body for the common good. Perhaps you are not currently plugged into a service role but understand God has called each of His followers to serve the body.

We have so many exciting opportunities for people to serve inside and outside the church.  If you have any questions about these opportunities contact our Connections Director, Kelly Sites.

Recent Volunteer Opportunities:
Volunteer with Helping Hands Volunteer with Audio Visual Teams Join the Choir Volunteer with Children

To download a complete list of serving opportunities, click here.

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