Christian Families

ABC Teachers
Bible Reading Plans
  1. Through Selected Books of the Bible: Explore—a guided daily reading plan.
  2. Through the New Testament
    1. In One Year
    2. In Six Months
  3. Through the Whole Bible
    1. In Two Years
    2. Discipleship Journal 25 Days/Month
    3. Chronologically
    4. In One Year

Pastor Denyes’s Bible-in-a-Year reading plan

The Whole Story Plan (a year-long overview of the Bible)

While you’re at it, check out for all sorts of great videos, resources, and free stuff to help you as you resolve to read the Bible more regularly.

Room 201 • 10:45 am
Leader: John Craig
Teachers: Dean Mathis, John Craig
Christian Families is a group of mostly retired and semi-retired. The format of this class involves teaching, with discussion and interaction from the class. Studies include an Old or New Testament book with emphasis on application for growth in Godly living.