We consider it a privilege to partner with you in introducing your child to Jesus. Our goal is for you to worship or attend an ABC with a sense of confidence that your child is in a safe and loving atmosphere. In order for us to best care for your child we ask all parents to serve once a month during one service hour. We recognize that only one parent may be able to serve in the nursery, however many parents choose to serve together. Go to to sign up and Callie Risch, the coordinator, will contact you.

Q Where is the nursery located?
A On the first floor in the east hallway.

Q What days and times is the nursery open?
A Sunday morning at 9:20 am and is open all morning until Worship Services and ABCs end; Wednesdays during Awana at 6:20 pm. Please pick up your child promptly when services or your class is over.

Q Who serves in the nursery?
A We ask all parents using the nursery to serve once per month. Also, other caring adults and older teens help. All those helping will need to go through a screening process and background check.

Q Who do I contact about serving in the nursery?
A You will need to contact Callie Risch, our nursery coordinator. She is available Sunday mornings at the nursery counter or at

Q When I check my child in for the first time, where do I go?
A You will need to stop at the Children’s Welcome Desk in the east hallway across from the nursery counter to enter you in our system so you may use the kiosk.

Q How do I check my child in at one of the kiosks?
A Please enter the last four digits of your cell phone number and then choose your family name. Please select the child or children you are checking in. Be sure to select first hour, second hour or both, depending on your plan for the morning. Also, please make sure you choose the check-in person who has their cell phone with them. This number will print on the child’s name tag and be used to contact you during the morning if needed. *Note: your label preferences will be saved week-to-week.

Q How will you find me if my child needs me?
A Texting the phone number on the child’s name label is our first method of contacting you. The second method is to put the letter/number combination on your parent pick up label up on the screen in both Worship Services.

Q How can I be sure that only approved people pick up my child?
A For your child to be picked up from the nursery, the person picking up must show the parent pick-up label to the counter worker.

Q What do I do if I misplace the pick-up label?
A You are able to sign back into the kiosk and reprint your child’s name label (which has the pick-up code you need) until 12:30 p.m. If it is past that time, please see the nursery coordinator or counter worker to show your I.D.

Q What do I do if I have children in multiple places since I only have one parent pick-up label?
A You may take a picture of the label so you and your spouse (or another adult with you) may split up to do pick up, or reprint child’s name label.

Q What does my child need to have in their diaper bag?
A Please have a complete change of clothes; diapers; bottle or sippy cup labeled with their name; if used, a pacifier clipped to their clothing.

Q Will my child be given a snack?
A Yes. We provide Cheerios in the toddler-one room, animal crackers in the toddler-two room and pretzels in the Lambs’ class.

Q How do I know which room my child will be in behind the nursey counter?
A Infants are in the infant room until they start to cruise and pull themselves up. Then they move to the toddler one room. Usually around 18 or 19 months, they move to the toddler two room. They remain in the toddler two room until the 2nd Sunday in September (Promotion Sunday). If they are 2 years old by Sept. 1, they will move to The Lambs Class.

Q I am worried about my child getting sick from germs in the nursery. How do I know the rooms are clean?
A Every week the baby equipment and any toys that have been played with are sanitized. Also, we will not take children who show signs of sickness: coughing, sneezing, runny nose, fever, rash, vomiting or diarrhea. Contact with anyone that tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days.

Q Does the church have a medical team available during the morning?
A Yes, we do. We have medical personnel on-call. There is also a first aid kit behind the nursery counter.

Nursing Mothers
· For your comfort and convenience, we have a place for nursing mothers to nurse their infants in the women’s restroom directly across the hall from the check-in counter

Check-in—For the safety and security of our children (nursery – 5th grade) we use an electronic check-in system. If this is your first visit, go to the Children’s Information Center and the “Manned Station” for assistance in checking in.  Name badge and claim ticket will print out – name badge for each child, and claim ticket for the adult picking up the child.

Please include these labeled items in your diaper bag:
Complete change of clothes
Bottles or cup
Pacifier (if used)

Snack—We serve Cheerios, animal crackers, and pretzels. If you have special needs, please pack your own child’s snack.

children_wallNursing Mothers—For your comfort and convenience, we have a place for nursing mothers to nurse their infants in the women’s restroom directly across the hall from the check-in counter.

Nursery FAQ