Growth Group FAQs

What is a Growth Group? A small group of people, under the leadership of South Church, who are committed to growing together in their relationship with Jesus Christ as they are transformed through Bible study and prayer.

Where will Growth Groups meet? In homes around Greater Lansing and at South Church, depending on logistics and the group’s preference. Efforts will be made to form Growth Groups which are made up of members who live close to one another geographically or who belong to the same adult community.

Who can be in a Growth Group? Any and all adults are welcome, whether you are male or female, single or married, with or without children.

How often do Growth Groups meet? Growth Groups will meet weekly or bi-weekly year-round for about an hour and a half per meeting, with flexibility according to your group members’ schedules. Growth Group studies will generally follow a quarterly schedule roughly spanning the four seasons.

How do I sign-up for a Growth Group? You may sign up to join a Growth Group at any time. However, there will be four entry points into Growth Groups through the calendar year: September, January, April and July. At one of these times you will be assigned to a Growth Group.

How long must I commit to a Growth Group? We ask that you make an initial commitment to your assigned Growth Group for a full quarter. However, it is our hope that you will choose to re-commit to that Growth Group each quarter until your group has grown to the size that it needs to reproduce itself into two new groups. If for some reason you are not able to continue meeting with your assigned Growth Group, you may discontinue your commitment at the end of any quarter.

What about childcare? Each Growth Group will be responsible to make its own arrangements for childcare, if Growth Group members choose to bring their children to the meeting. Typically, the group members will decide either 1) to take turns watching children during the study or 2) to hire a sitter to watch the children during the study.