Joel Wayner

Pastor of Student Ministries—Jr High

Born and raised: Holland, MI, spent time living in Seattle, WA and Kijabe Kenya, East Africa

Education: Moody Bible Institute (BA Youth Ministry; secondary education Bible teaching certificate)

Ministry Experience: Jr. High student ministries at South since June 2002

Spouse: Shannon Wayner

Kids: Maliya, Joshua, Avery, Rylie, and Tate

Hobbies: All sports, especially golf

Testimony: I was raised in a Christian home, with parents who were deeply committed to Christ. From the time I was born, church was a major part of my life, as was Bible study and worship. I remember praying for salvation when I was 3 at our home in Seattle, WA. As much as I could understand what Christ had done for me, I believed with all my heart at that time. As I grew older and my parents and the church continued to teach me, my understanding of Christ and his death and resurrection as a substitution for my sin (so that His righteousness could be given to me) continued to grow. I’m a work in progress, but continue to understand more fully each day the depth of Christ’s love for me, and the depth of my sin which he has saved me from. The teaching of pastors Don, Doug, Ben and others continue to challenge me, along with personal Bible study. South has been an incredible place of growth for me, and I am excited to be a part of the ministry team here at South which is having such an impact on so many lives.