Sister2Sister is a hands-on, practical exchange between women of all ages to encourage one another. We think it is important for the older women of our church to connect with the younger and the other way around as well, so this is an opportunity for women to share their skills and passions with each other. Often our times together involve a demonstration such as sewing, baking, preparing a holiday meal, gardening, painting, etc. We meet 1-2 times each year to share life as we laugh, learn, and build into one another.   

Coming Soon

‘Shake it up, baby’ – ever feel like you could use a session with a training coach? Katie Hubbard will help get you started with some great ways you can get in shape. (Be sure to wear comfortable workout clothing). 

‘Meet Monet’ – whether you have any artistic talent or not it’s worth a fun night to give painting a try.  Join us for an interesting twist on this art form and come away with a piece of canvas art created from watercolor paints and markers.