Check-in—For the safety and security of our children (nursery – 5th grade) we use an electronic check-in system. If this is your first visit, go to the Children’s Information Center and the “Manned Station” for assistance in checking in.  Name badge and claim ticket will print out – name badge for each child, and claim ticket for the adult picking up the child.

Please include these labeled items in your diaper bag:
Complete change of clothes
Bottles or cup
Pacifier (if used)

Snack—We serve Cheerios, animal crackers, and pretzels. If you have special needs, please pack your own child’s snack.

children_wallNursing Mothers—For your comfort and convenience, we have a place for nursing mothers to nurse their infants in the women’s restroom directly across the hall from the check-in counter.

Nursery FAQ