Jessica Doerr

Ministry Assistant to Pastor Don, Pastor Joel, and Pastor Nick

Born and raised: Born in Grove City, Pennsylvania and grew up in Lansing

Education: Michigan State University (BA Elementary Education; Language Arts specialization; minor Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages); MSU (teacher certification)

Ministry Experience: Interned for the Children’s Ministry at South for a total of 5 summers; interned for the College Ministry for a year; interned for the Student Ministry for one summer; FireUp after-school program at Cavanaugh Elementary for 5 years

Hobbies: Traveling, hiking, skiing, camping, reading, poetry, art, being an aunt (it rocks!)

Community Activities: directing/choreographing kids musical theatre

Testimony: The majority of my growing up experience was here at South with parents who are very wise. They raised my 3 brothers and I to go beyond just “doing the right thing” and consistently pursued teaching our hearts to seek God above all else – a task that required lots of perseverance! I decided that I wanted to have Jesus as my Savior at age 6. From there, I’ve spent my life learning that He is also my Lord. He has shown me the importance of discipleship, the necessity of spending personal time with Him in His Word, and the significance of opening my eyes to see what He sees and serve Him where He needs hands to serve. He has taught me that taking ownership and repenting of my guilt and sin allowed me to experience true forgiveness when He died with my burden upon Himself – and rose from the dead, offering a life of forgiveness to anyone who chooses to acknowledge their need of Him.