“Cutting Edge Ministry” is an active ministry designed to equip and encourage believers to grow in their relationship with Christ and to share their lives with those around them. It is a place where Jesus is praised, Scripture is honored, and relationships are real.
Our focus is primarily on the campuses of Michigan State University and Lansing Community College. Our aim as a ministry is to build friendships with people around us whether it’s in class, at work, through sports, or around campus in hopes that we may share our lives with these friends and direct them towards a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This personal relationship with Jesus Christ has significantly changed the lives of many individuals within Cutting Edge Ministry and it is our joy to tell anyone who might be interested about it.
Check out our website for additional information:
College students on Spring Break 2014!

Cutting Edge Ministry at The Villa
1140 Michigan Ave. (Across the street from Brody)
A place to connect with new friends, enjoy international dinners, and take a break from school and work.
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