Voting for Officers

South Church’s rules call for members to vote in the leadership of its various boards and ministries. In light of the limiting circumstances of gathering in person, members will be allowed to vote with the form below. To review the choices before voting, use this brochure. Voting will be open only during the annual meeting, and a single administrator will discreetly pass on the votes anonymously of all voters who are listed in the membership.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2020

ARTICLE TWO – Section 3 “In all questions before the congregation all members who have attained their sixteenth birthday and are in full membership shall be entitled to vote.”

ARTICLE SIX – Elections, Section 1 – Nominating Committee: “A nominating committee consisting of the senior pastor or his designated associate pastor, a representative from each of the regular boards and councils (except official board) and three members chosen from the congregation by popular vote at the second regular Sunday evening meeting in January, shall recommend to the official board the name of a candidate (or candidates) who, in the judgment of the committee, is well suited for the office and who has agreed to fulfill the office if elected…”

Section 4 – Nominations from the floor: “Nominations may be made by any member for any office, at the annual meeting, providing that the nominee has given his prior consent and is willing and capable of fulfilling the office if elected. The members of the congregation shall vote to accept or reject the name proposed as a candidate for office.”

Articles of Association – Sixth “…Only persons who shall have attained the age of 21 years at the time of the election, and who are members in good standing of South Church at the time of the election, shall be eligible for election as officers.”