Mission Conference 2021


Friday, October 22

RSVP! 6:30 pm – MISSIONARY MIXER This is a new AFTER dinner event. Missionaries will be set up in different rooms of the church. When you arrive, you will pick up 3 tickets (depending on which missionary you’d like to hear). Ticket times are 6:30, 6:55, and 7:20 – tickets are on a first-come, first-serve basis). You will enjoy rotating through the rooms, following the time on your tickets. Everyone is invited to come and mix with our missionaries (childcare is not provided).

Saturday, October 23

RSVP! 12:00 noon – LADIES’ LUNCH in the Commons – come and enjoy a special time of yummy salad lunch, fellowship and a Q&A with our guest missionaries, and learning how we can better pray for them. We need volunteers to bring a salad to pass. Sign up on the insert and/or at the conference table.

Sunday, October 24

Parade of Nations
Greeting from a missionary
Keynote Speaker: Ron Cline

    9:35 am MISSIONARIES IN CLASSES (feel free to join any room today):
  • Student Ministry (Student Ministry Center): Brad & Amber Jones
  • Cutting Edge (South Life Center): Chris & Lisa P
  • Homebuilders (Room 111): Myron Y and Joy Schultheis
  • Journey (Room 201): Marcus & Lydia, and Alex & Megan Mercado
  • New Horizons (Room 202): Jared & Mel Currie and Lars & Amy Carlson
  • Rooted (Room 204): Jacob & Charis Doerr and Mike Winter
  • Christian Families (Room 205): Tim & Cristi Vanderwerf and Steve & Mikki Schmidt
  • Crossroads (Room 206): Dave & Diane Ford and John Hangsing
  • God’s Potpourri (Room 228): Bethel Gascho

6:00 pm EVENING WORSHIP in the Chapel
Greeting from a missionary
Keynote Speaker: Ron Cline
Kingdom Rock Choir will meet as usual.

RSVP! 7:15 pm ALL CHURCH GATHERING in the South Life Center. Sign up and come for a light meal and a time of fellowshipping with our guest missionaries.

Monday, October 25

RSVP! 12:00 noon – SENIOR ADULT/MISSION FOCUS in the Commons. Come for a yummy lunch and a great time of fellowship with our missionaries!

Tuesday, October 26

RSVP! 7:00 am – MEN’S BREAKFAST in the Commons. Come for a great breakfast and hear an update/short message from Steve Schmidt

RSVP! 7:00 pm – COMMUNION SERVICE in the Chapel. Join us for worship, communion and short message

Wednesday, October 27

RSVP! 5:00 pm – FAMILY DINNER in the South Life Center. Cost is $3.50 per adult, $2.50 for children age 3-12. Maximum cost per family is $15. Sign up deadline is Tuesday (Oct 26) at 4:30 pm. southlife.org/meals

6:30 pm – CLOSING PROGRAM in the Chapel.

Come and hear about the stages of Tribal Church Planting – a panel discussion between Brad & Amber Jones (finishing well), Jared & Mel Currie (new church plant), and Jacob & Charis Doerr (new church planters). Dave Ford will follow with a CLAY Center update and a devotional.

NOTE: This symbol RSVP! means that reservations are required for these events – use the paper form or the form below

2021 Conference Opportunities

Pray about how you can help South Church with this year’s opportunities.

Gusilay (Seed Co.) Project:
Translation of their first Scriptures (Genesis and Ruth with portions of Exodus, Isaiah and the New Testament) into the Gusilay people in Sengal. Funding need for 2022: $33,478
Myanmar Relief Project: South has 3 global partners that have ways of getting needed supplies into Myanmar.

CFPM Monthly Sponsors

While it costs approximately $200 per month for each child to be at CFPM, South is only asking for sponsors to consider a $35 per month donation. South currently has 25 families helping. At least 10 more are needed. CFPM provides each child with healthy food, education, and health care.

CFPM Education
The Thai school system is not a good fit for the CFPM kids anymore. They have the opportunity to attend the English-speaking Chiangrai Christian Academy, but lack the funds needed. South is looking to have 100 people give $20 per month to help with the education needs. One-time gifts are also welcome.


We need to get ready to welcome and love Afghan families, as families are beginning to arrive in Michigan.

International Students:
Michigan State University has thousands of international students on campus every year. COVID restrictions may make it a little more difficult, but look for opportunities to host or get to know a student.

Global Partners:
South has many global partners – many are dealing with refugees, relief and outreach. Find out how you can help or pray for them.

To invest in the conference project, please use the conference project offering envelope or a pew envelope marked “Mission Project.” Be sure to include your name and the amount of your gift on the envelope if you would like record for tax purposes. To partner with CFPM – sign up using the brochures on the CFPM table

If the above form isn’t working, please register here.