Eugene’s Story

Eugene was blind but didn’t let that limit his life. Soon he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. Eugene’s home manager advocated strongly for him to stay in his CMH home with the staff and friends who were like his family. In the 37 years I have worked with people with developmental disabilities, never has a person who needed nursing care and who had a terminal illness been able to stay in their home. Homes were not staffed nor trained for that extra care. Yet, stay at home Eugene did! He chose to participate in every activity for as long as he could walk, then he was taken in a wheel chair to his day program and to the Chosen Class. He helped plan for parties and picnics for his home, he was loved and pampered by the home manager and staff, he had many visits each week from the Chosen Team members. The hospice nurse trained those close to Eugene, and she was impressed with the calmness and care he was given.

The day he passed away, Eugene had some difficulty getting his breath, yet was calm and happy, At his funeral, nothing was really planned, but you could have never planned the stories of Eugene that many people told the crowded chapel in the cemetery. One music teacher told of Eugene singing the Star Spangled Banner on the capital’s steps for a large crowd. One told of his love for others. Another told of his special times out with staff to get ice cream! He loved to sing and remembered the words to many songs and hymns…

AND Eugene loved Jesus.