Heidi Cheney

Children’s Ministry Director for Elementary

Born and raised: New York; Texas; Haslett, Michigan

Education: Michigan State University (BA Music Education); Bob Jones University

Ministry Experience: Co-Director of Children’s Ministry at South since 2003

Spouse: John Cheney

Kids: Daughter Taylor is married to Michael and their son is Grayson

Hobbies: Reading, organizing, planning parties, being a grandma

Community Activities: Love my growth group and giving oversight to the T&T program in Awana

Testimony: At the age of seven, my pastor preached a Sunday evening message about trusting in Christ for salvation. That night, I listened like I had never listened before, and when we got in the car to go home, I told my mom that I wanted to talk to the pastor. We went back into the church where he talked with me and I prayed the prayer to trust in Christ’s work on the cross to cleanse my sin. Praise the Lord—I have never doubted my salvation since! The Holy Spirit convicts me of sin and I try to stay in the Word daily to know God’s truth.