lay leaders

Newly Elected as of 4/28/19

DEACONS: Nico Berroa, Roger Gray, Fred Nose, Dan Sutter
TRUSTEES: Brent Granger, Rex Hansen, Darin Thelen
MISSION BOARD: Ruth Hultquist, Rick Peterson
DEACONESSES: Debbie Dunckel, Barbara Granbois, Donna Rinkenberger, Helen Rosier
CLERK: Marilyn Oldham
TREASURER: Bob Chapman

We appreciate all who were willing to accept nominations to these offices. Now we can all pray for these who were elected, as they join continuing officers, serving the Lord in the coming year.
1 Corinthians 15:58

Trustee Board Mission Board Christian Ed. Council Deaconess
Don Denyes+
Doug Phillips+
Keith Sova+
Ken Granger
Brian Hudson
John Oldham
Bill Patrick
Bruce Bishop
John Boruta
Trevor Harrison
Dan Rainsberger
Roger Gray
Fred Nose
Dan Sutter
Nico Berroa
Doug Phillips+
David Seal+
Kam Bradman
Ken Howard
Gary Rainsberger
Kevin Shaw
Brent Granger
Rex Hansen
Darin Thelen
Don Denyes+
Eric Doerr
Melissa Gray
Mark Dalman
Eileen Ellis
Ryan Peterson
Ruth Hultquist
Rick Peterson
Doug Phillips+
Keith Sova+
Jack Brown
Naomi Van Loh
Terry Stanaway
Sheila Rynbrandt*
Elaine Andrews
Saundra Bittel
Pat Cannon
Debbie Dunckel
Carolyn Esch
Carol Fuess
Lois Freeman
Barbara Granbois
Cheryl Granger
Pat Kooistra
Beth Miller
Teri Nessia
Connie Norman
Janet Oxendale
Edna Post
Donna Rinkenberger
Alice Rogers
Helen Rosier
Louella Rolfe
Judy Search
Carol Smith
Chris Stiles
Dorothy Weinman

* designates chair
+ designates pastoral liaison
updated 5/7/19

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