Check-in—For the safety and security of our children (nursery – 5th grade) we now use an electronic check-in system. After your 3rd visit, your family will be given a unique passcode to access our system. Name badge and claim ticket will print out – name badge for each child, and claim ticket for the adult picking up the child.

Sunday Morning Adventures

  • 1st hour: First – Fifth graders begin the first hour in their classrooms for time with their teachers to do pre-lesson activites. At 9:40, they attend a large group time. They will sing, learn the key passage for the day, go over the Big Picture question and watch a discussion starter video. This time ends at 10:00. At that time, they head back to their classrooms to have the Bible lesson, do a key passage activity, have an activity choice and have prayer time together. This hour concludes at 10:50.
  • 2nd hour: Children are welcome to stay in our program all morning. We have a break time from 10:50-11:05 with a snack. After that, they review past Bible lessons, have the Bible lesson for the day, Big Picture question/answer as well as games and activities that reinforce the Bible lesson and Bible point. 1rst-5th graders meet together from 11:55-12:10 to end the morning with large group time that is primarily worship. The 2nd hour concludes at 12:15.
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