Children Sunday Mornings

Kids who have completed 1st – 4th grades are invited to be part of something very special beginning on August 6th. It’s called B.I.G. which stands for Becoming In-depth with God.

B.I.G. this year is called The Garden Project: Rooted in Faith, Growing in Love.

Parents: Check in your child at the kiosk as usual and then you can drop your child(ren) off beginning at 9:20 in room 214. (the 4th grade room) Pick up is at that same room at 10:45.

Kids will be learning about some of Jesus’ healings while they play, create, listen, worship, study, memorize, read, and snack.

A new component this year is a folder that will come home each Sunday with information about the week, a copy of the Bible book of Mark, as well as a challenge assignment to read 4 chapters each week. Parents are asked to sign if their child read the assignment and then return the folder each Sunday.

We are praying for lots of kids to be a part of B.I.G.!

BIG will run August 6 – September 3 first hour from 9:20-10:45. There will be no elementary classes second hour. Nursery-Kindergarten will continue both hours.

While you are attending an adult community or worshipping in either of our Creative or Balanced services, immersed in life-changing worship, know that your kids are doing the same on Son View Mountain. Children can experience God in their own kid-friendly location in a class for their age and grade. In order to provide a quality learning environment we have a special time schedule for them:

Drop-off: 9:20–9:35
First Class Hour: 9:35–10:50
Drop-off/Pick-up: 10:50–11:05
Second Class Hour: 11:05–12:15
Pick-up: 12:15–12:25

All children are encouraged to stay for the whole morning (9:35 – 12:15) The second hour curriculum reinforces what is taught first hour and builds on it with additional activities and applications.

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