Children Automated Check-In

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we going to an electronic check-in system? This will enhance the safety and security of all of our children from nursery up through 5th grade and give peace of mind to visitors that we have made their child(ren)’s security a top priority.

How will the check-in process work? Every South family has been assigned a unique 4 digit family pass code. Each week you will use this number to log into the system and register your child(ren) at one of the touch screen stations. A badge label for each child will print out, along with a claim ticket. You will place the name label on your child (front for 1st-5th grade, back for nursery-Kindergarten), and you will keep the claim ticket which will be used to pick up your child(ren) at the end of the morning. ONLY the person with the matching claim ticket will be permitted to pick up the child(ren).

What if I need to inform the teacher of some special circumstance? Badge choices can be saved from week to week, as well as notes for a certain day can be added (For example: “I need to pick them up early” or “Their rash is not contagious”). The notes section is also a great place to let teachers know if your child has special needs. This added information appears on the child’s badge label.

Can I check in all of my children at once? Yes. Once you enter your family’s pass code, all of your children will appear.

Can I check my child(ren) in at any kiosk?  There will be 3 kiosks downstairs for anyone with an infant, toddler or Busy Bee. (2 at the nursery counter and 1 near the Busy Bee classroom)  There will be 2 kiosks upstairs for anyone with Pre-k through 5th grade children.

What if I have forgotten my family’s pass code for logging in? There will be a master list of pass codes with the attendant at each station. If there is no attendant at your station, please proceed to the nursery counter.

Won’t it take a long time to get my child(ren) checked in? After the initial set-up for your family, it should only be a one-minute stop at a check-in station for you to check in your child(ren) each week.

May a child check themselves in? No. Parents only may use the touch screens.

How will I know if my child needs me during the morning? If your child needs you when you are in a worship service, your claim ticket number will appear on the front screens. If you are in an Adult Bible Community or serving somewhere in the building, someone will come and get you.

Can I give my claim ticket to one of my older kids to pick up the younger ones? It is best for a parent to pick up their own child. When parents are serving, we do allow Jr. or Sr. High students to pick up siblings. Elementary aged children cannot pick up other children.

What if I lose my claim ticket during the morning? Since you cannot pick up your child without it, you will need to go to the nursery counter and tell the attendant your pass code to get another one printed.

How will new families check in since they won’t have a code? New families will go to the Children’s Ministry Information Counter to fill out paperwork and get a label and claim ticket. Once they have visited 3 times, they will be given their own special pass code for the system.