Justin LeBlanc

Audio/Visual Coordinator

Born and raised: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Education: Milligan College (Completing Master of Education); Johnson University Florida (BA Bible)

Ministry Experience: Three years in youth ministry in Kissimmee, FL; technical work at Johnson University Florida; Youth in Ministry Conference Head Tech; New Creation Tour Head Tech

Spouse: Shayla LeBlanc (married 12/19/2015)

Hobbies: I love coffee and eating great food.

Testimony: I was introduced to Christ as a young age, but I gave my life to Christ in 7th grade. In high school I was challenged to be more of a leader through Christ in Youth summer conferences. I led small groups and Bible studies at my house throughout high school. Working on my BA in Bible really challenged me to think critically about the Bible and take it deeper. There is nothing more appealing to me about the Bible (and, as a result, Christianity) than the fact that we will never learn it all. Even after years of in depth study there are always new details to discover.

517.322.2000 ext. # 223